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On 10, Apr 2016 | No Comments | In | By AM


Illustration for the Nayah band shirt.

Nayah is a band that mixes reggae, rap and rock. It emerged in the late 90s in the city of Niterói-RJ as a band of Reggae only, but in the early 2000s to Nayah sought other sonorities and has incorporated the Rock and especially the RAP in their music. Standing out with his irreverence and attitude through messages of peace and optimism always with good humor and without losing critical of the world in general, Nayah it proposes to entertain and stimulate your audience to live well, through a philosophy of love without losing firmness and the will to fight for a better world. Formed by Kid Mumu and Renzo Gold on vocals, Alex Gaspar on guitar, Caue Machado on drums, Thiago Ferreira in Low and Neon Ventura (DJ). Currently Nayah prepares new album with a lot of news, to be released in 2016, while launching the single “Ask pro your doctor” music that shows the position of the band in favor of legalizing marijuana and has participation of fellow RAP group band , East.

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