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Evil Dead

On 10, Apr 2016 | No Comments | In | By AM

Evil Dead

In the woods, several men pursue and capture an injured little girl. They bring her into a cabin’s cellar and tie her up. It is soon revealed that the girl is possessed. Her father sets her on fire and shoots her in the head.

David and his girlfriend Natalie  meet up at a cabin in the woods with his younger sister Mia . Along with them are their friends Eric  and Olivia and David’s dog. They plan to stay in the cabin until Mia overcomes her heroin addiction. It is later revealed that David moved to another city years before, leaving Mia to take care of their dying mother. Eric remarks how David has grown distant over the years, but Olivia notes that their old friend is back and trying to make a change.

The group discover the cellar, where they see rotting animal corpses, a shotgun, and a book entitled Naturom Demonto. Eric, having some knowledge of witchcraft practices, begins studying the book. Despite the written warnings, he reads aloud an incantation, awakening a malevolent force. It rushes towards the cabin and into Mia, who is standing outside alone.

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