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Close Street

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On 10, Apr 2016 | No Comments | In | By AM

Close Street

Close Street of Embaré or as he says Tranca Rua de Embaré  is one of the kings of the world in the spiritual realm, its origin and its address is in the spiritual realm. And in this case we have two stories that prove the existence of this Exú, one in the spiritual world and other popular. The first is the coming of this Exú as magician, sorcerer and wizard to the mortal world to be useful to whom the magic needs to achieve its objectives, material and spiritual. This Wizard wizard master, king of the spirit world comes to the physical world and presents itself as Vulgo (Last Name) Exú Lock Street. He has the power to close and open the way for the human being and also to have the lost souls without light as servants to provide him obeisances and do what he ordered. 

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